Point of View

Society is on the cusp of the digital revolution.

Critical mass is being achieved through the increasing and ubiquitous convergence of technological capabilities and societal engagement, combined with the driving force for all nations to deliver health, care, education, security, etc. for their increasing population of demanding citizens.

Trust is the key to this societal change. Trust between consumer and provider, between citizens and their governments and between each individual. In a borderless world of anonymity where brands are increasingly transient and governments are often behind the curve, a consistent set of trusted values are key to success.

Cloud computing is the enabler for the digital economy. Cloud infrastructure is the underpinning structure which supports the standards for inter-operability that enables scale. As rapidly as “cloud” is growing, the real value will be secured through the follow-on innovations and new business models that are generated through predictive and research analytics (“Big Data”), ubiquitous sensors (“Internet of Things”) and applications that exploit these developments to create wealth and/or deliver societal benefits.

Digital Health and care is becoming a reality but it requires a significant rethink in the role of the citizen at the centre of the system rather than the governmental or organisational providers.

Cyber threats continue to grow in scale and frequency and the consequential need for greater and more adaptable societal resilience are becoming increasingly apparent.

What’s the Point of Digital Transformation? Opinion based on both UK and Australian public sector experiences.