Cyber & Resilience

Society’s reliance on technology systems and processes makes it increasingly more vulnerable to the threat of cyber-attacks. Much attention is currently paid to the question of how to react to system-disrupting, cyber-attacks, however far less attention is paid to the question of how to build resilience, which would mean that cyber-attacks are not able to disrupt systems to the same extent.

Creating greater resilience is seen by many as one of the biggest challenges facing the modern digital age. Assured Digital Group has engaged with Corsham Institute and their Thought Leadership Programme ( ) where discussions have focused on creating a new vision for resilience, what changes in behaviour are needed and how we all have a role to play in creating a more digitally resilient society.


ADGinfosaas-large-logo-transparent is also supporting the education and enablement of enhanced information assurance awareness through the provision of the widely regarded InfoSaaS information security risk management software to support implementation of ISO27001 and ISO27018 standards for information security and cloud computing technologies (