Shaping the digital wave of innovation

ADG designs and operates large scale digital platforms to meet sovereign or industry requirements rather than insist that the customer adapt to a one-sized fits all solution. We recognise that assured systems revolve around people and process as well as technology and have a deep understanding of how to support customers in their journey to and through the cloud.

Our services are based on:

  • Insights: our experience of the innovating provides insights into the challenges that will face society as digital technologies are embraced, particularly the risk and liabilities that taint the perspective of business-to-business and government-to-business interactions
  • Credibility: the UK has the greatest level of digital activity across the G20 and is also the fastest growing. We have considerable personal experience, based upon UK leadership, to build on these learnings to the benefit of other governments and industries
  • Relationships: our activities, have generated an extensive network of individuals and organisations, which provides a basis on which to develop new opportunities at scale with speed, to source funding and to build teams and partnerships that deliver.
  • Motivations: whilst creating business value is a core requisite for anything that we do, it is clear in the digital economy that real value is secured when motivations are driven from a community and societal basis that inspires trust. Namely, doing the right thing leads to even bigger, sustainable value as these reinforce customer/citizen trust, which further increases uptake.